Melbourne City Dermatology offers anti-wrinkle injections performed by specialist dermatologists.

By seeing a qualified dermatologist you can be sure you have a practitioner who understands the subtleties of treatment required to achieve a natural, younger appearance, whilst avoiding over treatment.

A thorough knowledge and understanding of the facial anatomy is required to achieve the desired results. 

Australian dermatologists undergo rigorous training and examinations so you can be sure you see someone with the best training.

Dermatologists at Melbourne City Dermatology can also advise you on the best treatments to complement anti-wrinkle injections and ensure you achieve a natural refreshed appearance. Anti wrinkle injections are often enhanced by good advice about how to care for your skin and treatments to minimise other signs of ageing such as laser for pigmentary changes and loss of elasticity.

We recommend a no obligation assessment to understand what can be achieved with anti wrinkle injections and other cosmetic techniques. As part of the process we photograph the areas concerned and design a holistic plan to allow you to decide on the treatments that will achieve your desired results.