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Laser Treatments

Melbourne City Dermatology offers a range of laser treatments.  Specialist dermatologists have extensive training in the diagnosis and management of all skin conditions, including the use of laser and light based therapies.

Some of the conditions we treat with laser at Melbourne City Dermatology include:

  • Acne
  • Facial blood vessels
  • Venous lakes
  • Rosacea
  • Brown Spots
  • Sun Damage
  • Hair removal

There are some conditions such as acne and rosacea, where it is extremely important to fix the underlying medical issues prior to embarking on cosmetic treatments. In other cases, such as brown spots on the face, we may need to rule out skin cancer before discussing cosmetic improvements.

By seeing a qualified specialist dermatologist you can be sure that we will choose the most appropriate therapy for your skin, whether that is changes in skin care, surgical treatments, prescription treatments or cosmetic therapies. We are happy to discuss all the available options, benefits and costs with no hard sell.

Laser treatment at Melbourne City Dermatology

Treatments for Blood Vessels

Many people are bothered by small visible blood vessels on the face, particularly around the nose. Telangiectasia and spider nevi are easy to treat safely with the lasers available at Melbourne City Dermatology. Some patients qualify for a medicare rebate on the procedure if the blood vessels are particularly obvious. Small blood vessels and spider nevi often require just one treatment. Large numbers of vessels around the nose and cheeks require a few treatments for the best results.

Treatments for Rosacea

Rosacea can be a frustrating condition for patients. In addition to inflammatory spots and pustules, rosacea can lead to permanent redness and visible blood vessels over the cheeks and nose.

If you have already had medical treatment for the rosacea and wish to reduce permanent redness then laser treatments can be very effective.

The best results are achieved with a series of treatments, combined with good skin care and sun avoidance.  For certain types of rosacea medical treatment may be better than laser, so see a qualified dermatologist about how to gain the improvement you want.

Treatments for brown spots and pigmentation

Brown spots on the face neck and hands can be successfully treated with laser and IPL. It is important to have a consultation with a specialist prior to any laser treatments as some facial pigmentation can be made worse with inappropriate treatments.

A dermatologist can select the best method to help even you pigment, and can combine various treatments including prescription skin creams, chemical peels and light based therapies to achieve the optimum outcome.  Call our nurses to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can improve your skin on 9939 8115.

Treatments for hair removal

We offer lasting hair removal options within our specialist clinic. Several sessions of treatment are required to treat all the hair in one area, as only hairs which are in a growth phase can be targeted by the laser or light. See our hair removal page for more details.