Telehealth and Online consultations

Our highly skilled team of dermatologists are ready to provide expert diagnosis from the comfort of your own home. 


How does an online consultation work?

You will have an online video consultation with a specialist dermatologist to take your medical history and examine your problem. We will review any photographs sent to us and then discuss a management plan and any follow up required with you.  Telehealth works well for a number of common skin conditions that dermatologists treat, including some rashes, acne, hives, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and others.

We may ask you to send us photographs of your skin condition before your consultation. 

How do I book in?

Simply call our reception on 03 9939 8115 and ask to book a Telehealth consultation. In some situations we will ask you to forward us some information in advance by email, such as photographs or prior treatment information. 

How do I speak with the dermatologist?

We are happy to use the platform for a Telehealth consultation that suits you best, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp or a simple phone call.

Reception will arrange this at the time of your booking. 

Who is eligible for a Telehealth consultation?

We are happy to provide Telehealth consultations to anyone living in Australia who needs one or prefers not to attend the clinic in person at this time. However, Telehealth works best for certain conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, rashes, and for existing patients of the practice requiring review appointments.  

We cannot do skin checks via Telehealth, however we can provide an initial assessment as to whether your problem is urgent and may require a face to face visit. 

Is there a medicare rebate?

At the moment, standard Medicare rebates apply to all Telehealth consultation offered by our clinic to Medicare eligible patients. Higher than standard rebates may apply for patient who live in a remote (e.g. not metropolitan) area.

Our receptionists will help you decide on the best appointment type for you and discuss fees before your appointment. 

What if I am self isolating and cannot leave the house?

There are two options:

1.) A full service Telehealth consultation (private fee) – suitable for discussing a new skin problem or more complex management. 

2.) A brief Telehealth consult, which can be bulk billed under certain circumstances, including if you are required to self isolate . (Bulk billed appointments are ONLY suitable for repeat scripts, efudix reviews, checking existing treatments etc.)  

Medicare currently limits eligible patents for the MBS item code as those who

– Have been diagnosed with COVID- 19 but are not in hospital

– Are required to self isolate at home in accordance with current government requirements

– Are over 70 years of age

– Are or Aboriginal ore Torres Straight Islander descent and over 50 years of age

– Are pregnant

– Are a parent of a child under 12 months

  • are immunosuppressed
  • are under treatment for chronic health conditions (eg high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma etc ) 

What if I need a blood test or prescriptions?

We will arrange for these to be faxed directly to your pharmacist or to the pathology collection centre on your behalf.

They can also be posted, however there may be significant delays if you choose that method. 

We may also be able to arrange for blood collection to occur in the comfort of your home at no additional extra charge.