Phototherapy is a medical treatment which is prescribed for several skin conditions. The treatment is also know as narrow band UVB therapy.  Dermatologists use this frequently to manage psoriasis, eczema and other itchy skin conditions. Vitiligo can also be treated with UVB light.

The treatment involves undressing to the underwear and standing inside a specialised cabinet which is lined with medical grade UVB emitting light tubes. Treatments are generally quite short and may gradually build up to a few minutes during a treatment course. After a treatment our patients simply get dressed again and then return to work or home.

Phototherapy uses light wavelengths from the ultra-violet part of the sun’s spectrum. It delivers a safe and effective treatment for inflammatory skin conditions.

UVB light is a very popular treatment in our clinic. We have two top of the range Waldmann phototherapy unit for full body treatments and a separate machine for the hands and feet.

Our facilities allow patients to attend for the treatments without needing to book appointment times to use the machines. Doctors consulting at Melbourne City Dermatology have chosen to bulk bill UVB treatments.

We frequently see patients who are referred via other dermatologists and locations to use our facilities due to our convenient inner city location. The doctor your see will happily communicate back to your referring doctor to help co-ordinate your care.

Most of our patients see excellent improvements through using this treatment.  In cases where the ideal response is not seen, your dermatologist can organise other treatments such as tablets and creams or injections to clear your skin.

Opening hours:

Our phototherapy facilities are available for sessions between 7:45 am until 5pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am until 12:30 on Saturday mornings.

For more information on the types of skin conditions that can be treated by UVB light see below