We stock the complete range of Rationale skin care at Melbourne City Dermatology. These highly active, preservative-free products are an ideal complement to other cosmetic treatments.

Rationale products available at Melbourne City Dermatology

We recommend a skin care consult with one of our nurses to recommend the most appropriate products and give you the best advice for your skin type and concerns. Skin care consultations are complimentary if you choose to purchase Rationale products on the day.

Our nurses are experienced and trained in prescribing this quality range of products to help you look and feel your best.

Rationale products available at Melbourne City Dermatology

For our new online clients

Receive a complimentary peel or microdermabrasion with your first online purchase of Rational Skin Care using our unique doctor code. Please mention this offer when you call our receptionists to arrange an appointment.

Our unique doctor code 6478-RA10 can be used to purchase Rationale Skin Care products online. Our clinic sends complimentary offers and treatments to our clients using Rationale, be sure to use the clinic code so we can stay in touch with new offers from month to month.


The culmination of 15 years of Rationale R+D are their groundbreaking ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS.

Formulations that are Skin Identical, delivering perfect synchronicity with the skin.

Rationale’s revolutionary ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS deliver multiple skin benefits:

  • Targeted delivery of active ingredients
  • Optimised cell-to-cell communication
  • Fortification of barrier function
  • Synergistic layering of each product to achieve maximum skin vitality and luminosity
  • Every formulation is hydrating, revitalising enzymatic function and epidermal moisturisation
  • Decreased skin sensitivity
  • Preservative free formulations – a new industry benchmark.

The entire Rationale Skin Care range, from the iconic Essential Six to the new range of super-luxe Hydrators and Specialist Products are 100% Isotropic.    

Formulations as luxurious as they are powerful.