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Skin Tightening

Australian patients are particularly prone to damage in the deeper layers of skin from harsh UV exposure. A common request at Melbourne City Dermatology is for treatments to reduce sagging, ageing skin. Ultraformer skin tightening is an excellent treatment for addressing skin ageing and skin laxity, and delivers skin tightening with no social downtime. Ultraformer is a non-invasive high frequency ultrasound treatment used to help lift areas of sagging skin and improve lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

The ultrasound used in this procedure safely bypasses the superficial layers of the skin and goes straight to where maximum benefit can be reached in the supporting tissues. This results in tightening of the tissues, and collagen formation which develop gradually over the months after your treatment, providing a gradual tightening and lifting effect.

The treatment targets the deeper layers of skin and supporting tissue only, therefore there is no broken skin, and minimal risk involved, makeup can be worn immediately after the procedure, and there is no social downtime.

Ultraformer can be used to lift and tighten a number of problem areas, including the lower face, under the chin, and neck. It can reduce wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and cheeks.

During the treatment, low amounts of Micro-Focused Ultrasound energy are delivered into precise skin depths, without damaging the surface of the skin. The MFU energy creates heat, which stimulates tissue remodelling. The result, over time, is a natural skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation.

Ultraformer machine