VISIA Skin analysis is available at Melbourne City Dermatology


The Visia techonology allows us to capture an image and provide a comprehensive analysis of your skin. This information helps determine the best treatment option specific to your skin condition.

The Visia provides a comprehensive report to add to your records which will allows us to track your progress to healthier looking skin.


What does the Visia capture?

The Visia skin analysis focuses on:

  • Visiable pigmentation/ age spots/ brown spots
  • Skin tone and texture
  • UV spots/ sun damage
  • Porphyrins
  • Pore size
  • Wrinkle

How can the Visia help recommend treatment for my skin?

The Visia shows areas of future concerns helping to formulate a personalise skin care treatment.

For example if the Visia analysis is showing pigmentation or sun damage our nurses may recommend skin care products or laser treatment options to help with this. Depending on the results of your anaysis there are varieties of treatment options available.

How long does the Visia session last?

We want to give you the best treatment options by taking the time to really analyse your skin and address your concerns. So we include this Visia skin analysis session into your skincare consult with our nurse. The full session should take no longer than 45mins.

However if you are only interested in the Visia session, it can be done independently in 20 mins.

Is Visia recommended for a specific age group?

A Visia skin analysis is helpful to all age groups including teenagers, young adults and older adults.